“Successful Touring is what we do” We are a family run touring, merchandising & promotion company dedicated to great music

Nightmare Music specializes in creating successful tours for home-grown and International bands and artists in Australia, we take care of every aspect, including venue booking, ticketing, promotions, transport, artist visas, accommodation, road crew, in fact everything an artist may need for a stress free tour!

Nightmare Music has been active in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and includes work alongside great artists like AC/DC, Cindy Lauper and Brian Adams. As music & events co-coordinators, Nightmare Music was established. We pride ourselves on professionalism and attention to detail, designing financially successful tours that are memorable for both audience and performers.

Our experience started in the early 90’s with the Australian launch of bands like, Mathew Sweet, Indigo Girls, M People, and more recently The Bellrays, Prong, Slim Jim, The Meat Puppets, & many more! As one of the head organizers of Nightmare Music, Nasser Omar Sultan has assisted in promoting, coordinating and booking many of the above mentioned artists.

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Founding member of the legendary Desert Rock band Kyuss and member of Fu Manchu, with a long and outstanding solo career, multi-intrumentalist BRANT BJORK is the godfather of Desert Rock. Riding high on the success of his latest LP, Tao Of The Devil, Brant and his... read more

Slim Jim Phantom Aussie tour 2017

Notorious rockabilly drummer Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats, Head Cat, Dead Men Walking) returns to Australia once again. With the release of his new book “A STRAY CAT STRUT’S”  Phantom will be performing Rockabilly classics along with hits of the... read more


“H2O represents an era and style of hardcore that many still hold dear.” – Scene Point Blank   “H2O had the crowd eating out the palm of his hand within minutes of hitting the stage” – Rush On Rock     New York hardcore punk legends, H2O, are heading back to our... read more

Richie Ramone at The Cherry Bar

If you never saw the Ramones, this is your one chance to see Richie Ramone with all his power and spirit of CBGBs in the 70s. Richie Ramone is the fastest, most powerful drummer who ever played with the legendary punk rock band the Ramones. He joined the Ramones in... read more

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